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    Laundry detergent tablet and powder
    Laundry detergent photo by Ha4ipuri/Envato

    What’s the difference between HE laundry detergent and regular?

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    High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent is made to be used specifically in environmentally-friendly washers that use less water than conventional washing 鸿运彩票手机app.

    So will HE detergent work just as well in regular washing 鸿运彩票手机app? Or what about using old-fashioned detergent in a newfangled washer?

    Really, what’s the difference between HE laundry detergent and regular old washing machine detergent?

    Highly efficient washing: The basics

    First brought to market in the late 1990s, HE washing 鸿运彩票手机app use anywhere from 1/5 to 2/3 of the water that traditional washing 鸿运彩票手机app use. Because there’s less liquid sloshing around, the washers utilize a different cleaning action. The notes that unlike agitator washers, most HE washers use a “tumbler” system with no agitator.

    Since the newer systems are designed to be so efficient, HE washers can use low-water wash and rinse cycles. Therefore, HE detergents are formulated to be low-sudsing, quick-dispersing, and to hold soils and dyes in suspension in low water volumes so they don’t get re-deposited onto cleaned laundry.


    You can usually use HE detergent in a traditional washing machine…

    Even if you鸿运彩票手机app don’t have a new washer with the HE logo on it, in most cases, you鸿运彩票手机app can make use of high-efficiency detergents right now. Here’s what four major manufacturers had to say about their products’ cross-compatibility:

    • : “all mighty pacs are safe to use in all washing 鸿运彩票手机app: HE, non HE, top loaders and front loaders.”
    • : “If you鸿运彩票手机appr machine isn’t a high-efficiency model, you鸿运彩票手机app can still use HE. It won’t hurt you鸿运彩票手机appr machine but you鸿运彩票手机app will notice fewer suds.”
    • : The detergent is dual compatible and works in either HE or non-HE 鸿运彩票手机app. Follow directions for usage in you鸿运彩票手机appr machine type.”
    • : “Wisk Deep Clean is safe for both standard and HE 鸿运彩票手机app.”
    . If you鸿运彩票手机app want to use a HE detergent, the amount you鸿运彩票手机app use may differ — you鸿运彩票手机app might need to experiment a little — and you鸿运彩票手机app should expect to see a lot less sudsing action.

    …but don’t put regular detergent in you鸿运彩票手机appr HE machine

    So let’s say you鸿运彩票手机app upgrade you鸿运彩票手机appr washer to the newfangled HE version, but still have a lot of leftover regular laundry soap. Wouldn’t it be less wasteful just to use it up?

    Our tip: Give you鸿运彩票手机appr old detergent to a friend. You really should not use conventional in HE washing 鸿运彩票手机app — not even a smaller amount — because it will create a lot of suds. Sounds harmless, right?


    Well, the ACI explains that excess suds can cause problems in HE washers by “cushioning,” or even preventing, the tumbling action that is cleaning you鸿运彩票手机appr washload.

    The suds can also cause the machine’s pump to overheat, lead to residue buildup… and could even cause suds to overflow from the washer. (Maybe it won’t be quite as bad as Bobby’s suds-astrophe — seen above — but you鸿运彩票手机app get the idea.)

    Some brands say they have reformulated their detergents to work in all 鸿运彩票手机app. However, the ACI warns that some detergent manufacturers label their detergents “HE Compatible” — but many of these detergents are actually regular sudsing detergents that should not be used in you鸿运彩票手机appr HE washer.

    How to make juice carton gift boxes
    Why HE is highly efficient in more ways than one

    Using a HE washer should lead to a cost reduction on you鸿运彩票手机appr water bill — and because there is less water to heat, you鸿运彩票手机app might even see some savings on you鸿运彩票手机appr monthly gas or electric statement.

    Going eco-friendly with you鸿运彩票手机appr laundry, however, means more than just lower utility bills for you鸿运彩票手机app. As , 25% percent less water used in every bottle of P&G liquid detergent means over 45 million gallons of water saved, fewer plastic bottles (reducing waste and recycling costs) and fewer truck shipments (reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption).

    But there is a downside — albeit something that will only affect certain groups of people. The concentrated super-efficient detergent can be hazardous in cases where a you鸿运彩票手机appng child ingests some — which is an even more common danger with pretty, shiny laundry detergent pods, like those shown above.

    (.) Also, if it’s rubbed in the eyes or gets on the skin of someone with a chemical sensitivity, the extra-strength formula is more likely to cause irritation.

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